As we get questions, we will post the question and answer here.

Onsite Tenants

Can I still bring MY clients onsite?
Yes at this time, you are able to do this but with the Govenor's guidelines in mind: no more than 5 people etc. We think you should ask them the following questions: 1) Have you had a fever in the past 10 days? 2) Have you been around anyone with a fever 3) Have you traveled anywhere out of state in the past two weeks. Upon their answer if any is yes, do not allow them to meet face to face. 
Will OA employees be onsite?
Yes at this time, but with limited availability. We ask that YOU greet your own client at the door to limit exposure to our staff. They will continue to make coffee and take care of mail and phones. 

Virtual Mail 

Will OA employees be taking client drop offs?
Not at this time unless special arrangements are made by calling the office.
Should I call to see what's in my mailbox?
Yes at this time that is what we recommend. We an also scan/email or snap a photo for you
Can I get mail forwarded?
Yes at this time, we can scan/email mail pictures or for postage alone, we can forward your batches of mail as you wish.